If Insurance / Skills for recovery and work-life balance in demanding knowledge work

Everyday work in marketing at If is intensive and fast-paced. People are conscientious and ambitious toward their work. We wanted to provide skills and tools to enable recovery and better work-life balance in this demanding environment. Iida Mäkikallio held a training program for our whole team and executives that received exceptionally good feedback from our experts. 

Iida’s approach that included dealing with the psychological and emotional stressors at work, was perfectly catered for the type of work we do. In the trainings we discussed eg. work habits that enable a more restful mind, relationship to rest and work, dealing with emotions regarding ongoing organizational changes, team practices, ways of working and communication.

This training was very needed and valuable for our team and we would absolutely recommend Iida as a trainer for companies looking to develop their teams’ and executives’ skills to support work-life balance and develop relational and emotional skills.


Jarkko Kantaluoto, Marketing Director

If Insurance


Schibsted media group/ Emotional intelligence and effective communication leadership program

We see building a culture of trust and open communication as an essential skill for success in modern knowledge work. We believe a thriving organizational culture cannot be built without developing people’s self-awareness and communication skills. Developing these skill sets was one of our strategic areas of focus for 2018.

Iida Mäkikallio held a training program consisting of three on-site training sessions. The first training was open to the whole personnel and the following trainings for our executives. We worked with how to foster a psychologically safe environment at work and looked at our current areas of improvement in this area. We looked at how each of us can influence the emotional climate around us and practiced skills for challenging conversations. The training has influenced how we communicate with eachother in tense situations and we recieved exceptional feedback from our executives. We will be continuing our work together and providing these trainings for our executives in the coming years.

We recommend Iida’s training for companies looking for a trainer to work with strengthening trust and psychological safety, deepening executives’ self-awareness and direct and warm communication.


Sanni Moilanen, People & Culture Manager


Deloitte / Self-leadership program

Iida has done exceptional work in conducting self-leadership training programs for Deloitte's experts over many years with us. Her training sessions have consistently received great feedback. Iida has a remarkable ability to engage participants, fostering an inclusive learning environment. Her expertise and passion will undoubtedly inspire and positively impact many. I highly recommend her trainings.


Miia Torniainen, HR Business Partner



CTO, Schibsted Media Group

”Iida’s training on emotional intelligence opened a ”door of awareness” for myself and for the people around me, helping me to understand the main patterns through which we handle our emotions and providing me with ways to recognize them in daily interactions, eventually allowing me to adapt my behavior or communication to reach a better level of mutual understanding / collaboration at work and in life.”  



Work Ability Development Director, Varma

“Iida has true wisdom of the heart. She has exceptional skill in seeing people holistically and tuning into their world. Iida’s thinking combines a deep belief in people’s capabilities and a systems-aware research-based approach. Iida coaches with both warmth and directness, in a way that sparks change. She has a way of opening new ways to look at difficult subjects which facilitates the personal growth of those she coaches. If I had to describe Iida in a few words they would be loving, clear, present and wise.”


Human Resources Director, City of Kauniainen

“Iidan’s trainings are intelligent, uplifting and make people think. Iida has an ability to apply scientific research to challenging everyday work situations and help people strengthen their agency to change what needs to be changed. She has recieved stellar feedback from our managers and executives and I would gladly recommend her.”