My private clients are mostly entrepreneurs, visionary leaders and executives. Maybe you have experienced success in one area of your life, whilst in another you don’t feel fulfilled. Your business may be highly profitable, but your relationship to your partner has lost its juice. Or you feel like you have plateaued and are ready for that next level of aliveness, freedom and expansion in your life. You are yearning for deep meaningful relationships and freedom to contribute to the larger whole in a way that makes your heart sing. A life that fills you up in ways that you didn’t think possible. 

I do not believe in quick fixes and know in my bones that real transformation takes time. We do the deep work. The minimum time-frame to work with me is 6-months. If you would like to apply to work with me 1-1, send me a message over at and I will get back to you with more details. I am thrilled to get to know you.


I work with couples, sibling relationships & co-founders both on-site at my office in Helsinki and online. For inquiries on upcoming availabilities for couples work contact